We are the only wrought iron fabrication company to seal and apply a special blend of epoxy and fiberglassmaterials to guarantee that our products will remain rust free.

This specialized composite is applied directly to the stripped metal. Once the epoxy achieves its hardness, it is sanded by hand to achieve our signature finish.   Once the surface preparation is finished, it’s allowed drying time to acquire its maximum hardness, which makes impenetrable to moisture and makes the finishpractically impact resistant.

The finished texture is epoxy primed and inspected to eliminate hidden pores and other manufacturing defects.   Once these are corrected, the wrought iron work is re-primed and painted.

Continental Custom Iron prides itself in using quality automotive paints to create unique colors and give your wrought iron long lasting sheen and beauty. For work that is exposed to corrosive environments or exposed to moisture on a daily basis, we go further in applying a coat of polyurethane. This finish provides a shiny finish for many years to come.

Pictures of epoxy/fiberglass composite protected wrought iron above. Notice the extensive sealing around all welding joints and unions. You will not notice any pores or cavities where moisture and other corrosives can accumulate. Our sealing process has functional and visual advantages to other finishes provided by our competition.